How Should Hospitals Handle Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are a serious threat to hospitals since infestations can spread rapidly. Patients coming to the hospital can bring bed bugs with them on their clothes and shoes. Bed bugs feed on blood, and they'll bite your patients while they're trying to sleep at night. Bed bug bites are extremely itchy, so a bed bug infestation can be very concerning for patients who are in your hospital to recover — and it can prevent them from sleeping fully throughout the night. Read More 

Two Tips For Getting Rid Of Mice In Your Home

Have you noticed evidence of mice infesting your home and are unsure what to do about it? If so, it will help to know these tips that will get rid of them for good.  Seal The Outside Holes Mice need to get in from somewhere, which is why you should start by looking outside your home. There must be some sort of hole that is just big enough for a mouse to squeeze through. Read More 

Why Ants Keep Returning To Your Home

No one wants to have ants in their home; they can ruin your food and damage your home as well. If ants just keep coming back to your home, there is probably a reason why. Reason #1: Decaying Wood Decaying wood can happen when you have a constant water source around your home, such as a leaking pipe or overflowing gutters. All that moist wood makes a perfect place for a colony of carpenter ants, which like to live inside of decaying wood. Read More 

Want To Deal With Pest Infestations Effectively? See Why You Should Go The Professional Way

Pests are creatures every homeowner is likely to deal with at some point in their life. Termites, rodents, or bedbugs are examples of some of the expensive and hectic pests you should eradicate once they attack your home. That said, you have no choice but to deal with all pest infestations since they can cause diseases and even threaten the structural integrity of your home. One mistake many people make is believing they can handle the pest problem on their own using remedies such as chemical sprays and repellents. Read More 

What You Should Do If Chipmunks Are Causing You Problems

Chipmunks are a pest that can cause a lot of damage to your home and to structures surrounding your home. They are rodents and can chew through just about anything, much like a rat or a mouse. Chipmunks may look cute and sweet, but they are anything but. They can bite you, just like any other rodent, and can carry diseases just like any other rodent as well. They are looking for food and water for themselves and for their babies, which means they will look for food and water in your home if they have to. Read More