Two Tips For Getting Rid Of Mice In Your Home

Have you noticed evidence of mice infesting your home and are unsure what to do about it? If so, it will help to know these tips that will get rid of them for good. 

Seal The Outside Holes

Mice need to get in from somewhere, which is why you should start by looking outside your home. There must be some sort of hole that is just big enough for a mouse to squeeze through. Look around the foundation for holes that are about the size of a nickel, which is all it takes for a small mouse to fit through. If you find a small hole, try sticking a pencil through it to see how deep it goes. If you can't feel the end of where the hole goes, chances are this is how those mice are getting in.

The best way to seal holes is to use mesh wire. It is incredibly tough for mice to chew through since it is going to hurt them if they try to do so. Take the mesh wire and stuff it into the holes so that there is no way for a mouse to squeeze through there. You can seal these holes with silicone on the outside to make them look a bit nicer and hide the wire mesh. 

Kill The Mice Inside Your Home

With the holes plugged, you may have mice trapped inside your home that need to be killed. It's important that you do this quickly since mice can reproduce in only a few short weeks and create more mice in your home.

One way to kill the mice is to use snap traps. Set these up in places where you know mice have been walking, and place some peanut butter on the trap to attract them to it. The mice will hopefully go for the bait, set off the trap, and you can toss the body out later. 

You can also use poison to kill off the mice. The poison bait will live inside small boxes that only the mouse can access, so it will be safe from pets in your home. All it takes is a small amount of poison to be digested by the mouse to kill it after a couple of days. The nice thing about poison is that it will kill off mice that may not go for the snap traps. The downside is that you may have a mouse body that starts to smell in a place that you can't reach. Thankfully, the smell goes away after a couple of days. 

Are you having problems getting rid of those mice? Reach out to a residential pest control company for their assistance.