Keeping Pests Away From Your Home

Six Big Mistakes That Can Increase Your Chances Of Having A Termite Infestation

Preventing termite infestations is better than dealing with them after the fact. Infestations can be persistent and difficult to get rid of once they become well-established. The truth is that many termite infestations are very preventable and result from mistakes made by homeowners. You can minimize the chances that you'll experience a termite infestation at your home by avoiding the following six mistakes. Neglecting needed repairs to roofing materials and soffit/fascia Read More 

Try These Ant Control Tips To Keep The Pests Out Of Your Home

Ants are common household pests that can also be destructive. There are several types of ants, and some of them can damage the wood in your home, while others may just destroy your food when they get in your cabinets. Some ants can even bite, so you don't want the pests in your home. Here are some tips for getting rid of ants and keeping them out of your house. Read More 

Disarm A Band Of German Cockroaches

It can be alarming to move to a climate that is relatively humid year round to discover that you have also moved into a residence that is harboring a fleet of German cockroaches. These pests are known for their dark-banded bodies and ability to multiply quickly. So, how do you disarm this band of enemies? There are various effective pest extermination methods, but the first step is to clean your home and repair damage. Read More 

Got Rodents? Here Are 5 Ways You Can Get Rid Of Them Naturally

One mouse in a cage seems adorable. Dozens of them scurrying through various nooks and crannies of your home isn't so adorable. Mice and rats can leave behind a lot of unpleasant things, from urine and feces (and the diseases that are spread through them) to chewed-up wiring and insulation. Needless to say, it's a problem that merits a bit of control. If you're wondering how to deal with your rodent problem without resorting to toxic poisons and pesticides, you'll want to read the following. Read More 

Operate A School Or Public Library? There’s A New Issue To Contend With That May Really Bug You

If you're a school or public librarian, you're used to having to contend with people hogging the computer desks and not returning books on time—but now you have another issue that you need to address: bed bugs. Since the bugs are as thin as a credit card, book pages and binders make excellent hiding places—and many of the books you've loaned out over the last few months could be returning with bed bugs hitching a ride. Read More