Keeping Pests Away From Your Home

Why You Need Wildlife Control For Your Bat Problem

Bats can benefit humans. Some species eat insects, meaning they provide free pest control. Others are pollinators, meaning they enable plant reproduction. However, sharing an ecosystem isn't the same as sharing a building with these animals. Bats make horrendous housemates that are hard to remove. As such, you should call wildlife control if you notice them in your home. Here are five reasons you should call pest control for your bat problem: Read More 

Dealing With Carpenter Ants In Your Detached Garage

A detached garage can be a useful addition to any property with enough space to build one. Unfortunately, it can also become a haven for a variety of unwanted pests. Carpenter ants in your detached garage can be particularly troublesome to deal with, and these tenacious pests can do serious damage if they are not swiftly and thoroughly removed. Why Are Carpenter Ants Attracted To Detached Garages? Carpenter ants may look like ordinary ants to the naked eye, but they have a unique way of building their nests. Read More 

2 Pests You Can Get In Spring And How To Prevent Them

Now that the weather is warming up the pests come out of hiding and can invade homes. Two of these common pests are mice and ants. Below is information on how to prevent these pests from getting inside your home to save you a lot of time and money. Mice Mice may already be in your home as they look for shelter during the winter. If not, they often get into homes to find food during the spring and throughout the year. Read More 

Have Mice In Your House? 2 Ways To Remove Them And Tips To Prevent Them

Mice look for food and shelter when it starts to get cold outside. A home is one of the best places they can get these things. If they have access to your home and find a way in, they can quickly multiply. Fortunately, you can get the mice out and take steps to prevent them from getting back into your home again. Get Mice Out One way to get mice out of a home is to use a live trap. Read More 

Can Your Leather Furniture Get Bed Bugs?

When people talk about bed bugs, they have a lot of fears. After all, bed bugs can be incredibly difficult to eradicate. You might also wonder what types of furniture can get bed bugs. If you have leather furniture in your home, this might be one of your biggest questions. This is what you should know about leather furniture before you call a pest professional. Leather Can Become Infested The short answer is yes, leather furniture can become infested with bed bugs. Read More