Keeping Pests Away From Your Home

3 Tips For Treating A Bee Sting

While bees are generally happy minding their own business, sooner or later everyone is bound to experience a bee sting. When that time comes, the more you know, the better. If you would like to learn more about treating a bee sting, read on. This article will provide three tips for keeping discomfort at a minimum.   Remove the stinger as quickly as possible. When a bee stings, it leaves its stinger lodged in your flesh. Read More 

What Is That Fluttering Sound? Getting Bats Out Of Your Attic

If you hear fluttering in your ceiling at dusk and see small birds flying from your home, you likely have bats in the attic. You might also hear this noise at dawn also. Bats gravitate to tight warm spaces, so an attic is perfect for them. They can enter into any tiny hole, but it's important for the health of your family to evict them as soon as possible. This guide explains how to exclude bats and how to prevent them from entering your home again. Read More