Why You Need Wildlife Control For Your Bat Problem

Bats can benefit humans. Some species eat insects, meaning they provide free pest control. Others are pollinators, meaning they enable plant reproduction. However, sharing an ecosystem isn't the same as sharing a building with these animals. Bats make horrendous housemates that are hard to remove. As such, you should call wildlife control if you notice them in your home. Here are five reasons you should call pest control for your bat problem:


Bats carry diseases that can jump over to humans. For instance, the CDC says people have found rabid bats in every continental state. You should take this seriously because there is no cure for rabies. The recommended course of action for those who have come into contact with bats is to ask a medical professional whether they need the vaccine. Being vaccinated should prevent rabies from establishing a foothold. This is critical because most people die if the disease turns symptomatic. Calling wildlife control makes sense when bats are responsible for more human rabies deaths than any other animal in the United States.


Most people find it unpleasant to be around bat droppings for good reason. Furthermore, you should know the substance can be dangerous. The Mayo Clinic points out that bat droppings can contain the spores responsible for histoplasmosis. Most people won't develop symptoms even if they get infected. Unfortunately, children, seniors, and others with weakened immune systems have much higher chances of experiencing severe consequences. One example would be heart problems, while another would be the inflammation of the tissues surrounding the brain and spinal cord. People with lung diseases can even develop chronic histoplasmosis.


You might be capable of handling one or two bats so long as you're careful. The issue is that most species are social. You shouldn't hesitate to call wildlife control if you see more bats than you can handle. More bats mean more noise, smell, and disruption. Even worse, bats can fall into the spaces between walls before dying, thus further complicating the clean-up. Swift intervention can do much to limit any damage.


Bats have come under pressure because of hunting, pollution, and habitat loss. As a result, some species are protected by the law, meaning you can be penalized if you drive off the wrong species at the wrong time. Professionals can determine whether a bat population can be removed right away. Better still, they can eventually remove the animals without hurting them, thus eliminating the problem without violating relevant regulations.

Preventing a Repeat

If you have a bat problem, your home has openings that let these animals in. Professionals can find and seal these weaknesses. Furthermore, they can point out food sources and other pest-attracting factors before fixing them. Removing bats isn't a permanent solution because it doesn't address the root causes. An expert can give you valuable advice for preventing a repeat of your bat problem.

Further Considerations

Removing bats is more challenging than it seems on initial consideration. If you aren't sure you can do it right, you're best off entrusting it to wildlife control. Fortunately, reputable professionals can do the job safely, humanely, and effectively.

Contact a wildlife control company to learn more.