Protect Your Garden From Pests

Animals can quickly destroy the garden you have worked so hard to grow. You want to do what you can to make sure you keep pests out of your garden so it can flourish. There are many deterrents you can use for larger pests like deer, raccoons, rabbits and even skunks. It is important for you to learn how to choose the right type of deterrent so you can successfully get rid of pests. Read More 

Preventing And Removing Bed Bugs From Taking Up Residence In Your Home

Bed bugs are agonizing pests that feed off your blood after hopping from hiding spaces at night. They do take cover in hidden areas of your bed. They like your bed because you are their source of nutrition. You can remove bed bugs from your home by using methods of prevention and bed bug treatments that will kill them. Preventing Their Numbers from Increasing You can prevent bed bugs from increasing their numbers in your home and thereby control their breeding practices. Read More 

3 Of The Biggest Misconceptions Concerning At-Home Bed Bug Treatment

If there is one pest that can give you a nervous feeling when you crawl into bed at night, it is bed bugs. These biting critters may not be harmful, but their bites can sure be a nuisance, and they can reproduce at such a rapid rate you can have an infestation on your hands in no time. When you discover that you have bed bugs, your first inclination will likely be to take matters into your own hands and skip professional pest control. Read More 

How To Get Rid Of Rats From Your Home Before They Take Over

Wherever human beings live, you'll find rats because they have adapted so well to being around people. They may start out living in your yard, sheltered by bushes and shrubs. But they won't hesitate to move into your house if they need better shelter and have a food source. Since they can damage property and carry diseases into your home, at the first sign of rats, it's time to fight back. Read More 

Fighting Bed Bugs As A Property Manager

If you manage an apartment complex, one of the worst messages you can get from a tenant is that they think they have bed bugs. Bed bugs continue to be a problem, especially in multi-family buildings. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) reports that nearly all of the pest control companies surveyed said that they had dealt with calls about bed bugs during the past year. As the weather warms up, if you start getting calls about bed bugs, it's time to bring in a bed bug specialist to stop the infestation before it spreads throughout the complex. Read More