2 Pests You Can Get In Spring And How To Prevent Them

Now that the weather is warming up the pests come out of hiding and can invade homes. Two of these common pests are mice and ants. Below is information on how to prevent these pests from getting inside your home to save you a lot of time and money.


Mice may already be in your home as they look for shelter during the winter. If not, they often get into homes to find food during the spring and throughout the year. Mice can easily get into homes by chewing their way through sheetrock, insulation, and more building materials. They are dangerous as they can cause other parasites and spread illness. They are unsanitary because they leave behind urine and droppings everywhere they go. If you have them already, hire a pest control company to get them out. 

To prevent mice, keep weeds and other kinds of overgrowth under control around your home. Mice will often hide in these areas making it easier for them to explore for places to get in, such as through the foundation. 

Mice will also climb up downspouts and get into your gutters. They will then find their way inside your home through your roof. To prevent this, cover the downspout opening with wire mesh. Walk around your home and look for any openings and close them up. 


Another common pest you will see inside your home is ants. There are carpenter ants that are especially dangerous as they eat through wood. If you have ants already, hire a pest control company. They will determine the type of ants you have and then come up with a treatment plan. 

To prevent ants from getting into your home take care of moisture problems. This includes leaky hoses and/or spigots outside. You should also inspect the gutter system to ensure there are no clogs or other types of obstructions. If there is, instead of the water running through the gutters it will spill out the side of your home. 

Store wood and other materials away from your home and keep these things elevated. This will help reduce carpenter ants from getting inside your home. If you have a flower bed in your yard with a wooden edging, replace it with a stone edging instead. 

The pest control company can tell you of more pests you may get this spring so you will know what to do if you see them. Contact a company like Pest Gurus to learn more.