Have Mice In Your House? 2 Ways To Remove Them And Tips To Prevent Them

Mice look for food and shelter when it starts to get cold outside. A home is one of the best places they can get these things. If they have access to your home and find a way in, they can quickly multiply. Fortunately, you can get the mice out and take steps to prevent them from getting back into your home again.

Get Mice Out

One way to get mice out of a home is to use a live trap. You can purchase these traps online or at many hardware stores. This is a very humane way to get the mice as they will not suffer in any way. Once you catch the mice, you can then take them to an area away from home and release them. You place a food bait inside the trap and when a mouse enters the trap the door snaps closed immediately. It will take time to do this as one mouse enters the trap at a time in many cases There are times, however, when more than one may enter. There are many baits you can use, such as peanut butter, pet food, deli meat, seeds and nuts, and soft cheese.

There are snap mouse traps available at hardware stores and online as well. These traps will kill a mouse when they step on the trap. This is because the trap is set to where it will snap a metal piece down as soon as the mouse gets on the trap. This will likely hit them in the neck area, killing them quickly. You can place soft cheese, pieces of pet food, or other things that are small to use as bait. These traps are inexpensive so purchase more than one and place them in different areas where you suspect mice. 

Prevent Mice

If you keep getting mice in your home, you need to determine how they are entering. This can take time but will be well worth your time to do this. You may be surprised that mice can squeeze through very tiny openings 

Start looking around your exterior and interior for any kind of holes and entry points. They can get through small cracks in the foundation. If you have any siding on your home that is deteriorating, this is easy for them to crawl through. 

Mice can chew through things like caulking, rubber, and plastic so do not use these to close up any entry areas. Instead, use wire mesh to cover openings or you can purchase cement in a bag that dries quickly. 

Hire a mice removal company to help you if you continue to see mice. They can tell you how they are getting in, as well as remove the mice inside your home.