Mitigating The Threat That Termites Pose To Your Home

It is understandable for homeowners to be hesitant to use pest control methods that will require the use of highly toxic substances. However, some pests can pose a severe enough threat to the property that action will have to be taken to mitigate the risk. Termites can be one example of this type of pest. Luckily, there are non-toxic termite treatment options that will enable you to effectively protect your house.

Cedar Oil

Cedar oil can be an extremely effective solution for preventing termites from targeting an area of your home. This oil can be extremely offputting and even toxic to termites, but it will pose little risk to people, pets, or other animals. While effective, cedar oil will have the limitation of needing to be applied at regular intervals as it will gradually wash away or other have its protection degrade. Luckily, the non-toxic nature of cedar oil can make it safe for you to regularly apply a coating of it to the areas near the home that may be the most vulnerable to termite issues.

Termite Barriers

Physical barriers can be another option that will allow you to reduce the ability of termites to target the home. These barriers can be installed around the home, and they will block termites from being able to tunnel close to the home. To be effective, these barriers will need to be installed far enough into the ground so that the termites can not easily tunnel under them. While this can be a seemingly large project to undertake, these barriers can be among the most effective solutions for stopping termites from infesting the house. A professional contractor will also be able to complete this installation with minimal impact on the landscaping as these barriers can be relatively thin.

Sand Deposits

Sand can be a substance that termites will often experience substantial difficulty tunnel through. This is particularly applicable when the sand is comprised of larger granules. As a result of this factor, placing sand deposits near the home's foundation may prevent the termites from making it to the structure. Often, these sand deposits will be combined with termite barriers. In the event that the termites are able to circumvent the metal barrier, the sand can be an effective deterrent to keep them from getting close to the house. This may require a relatively large amount of sand to create a perimeter around the entire foundation, but it will be a permanent option for keeping termites at bay.

For more information on non-toxic termite treatment, contact a professional near you.