Squirrels In Your Attic? Contact An Animal Removal Company

If you have one or more squirrels in your attic, you should contact an animal removal company soon. Below are different types of damage this animal can cause you, as well as how an animal removal company can remove the squirrels from your attic.


Once squirrels get into your attic, they can cause a lot of damage. They can chew through almost anything, such as cardboard boxes you may have stored things in, electrical wiring, wooden shafts, insulation, and more. Once they chew through a cardboard box, they will then continue causing damage to the contents inside. Chewing through electrical wiring can be dangerous, as having frayed wiring in your attic could cause an electrical fire. 

The squirrels will also urinate and defecate all over everything in your attic. This not only causes a bad odor in the attic, but the odor can also get inside your home where everyone can smell it. This can also damage things in your attic, such as clothing and other items. Squirrels may also keep you up at night by making their scratching and chewing sounds. 

Remove Squirrels

Contact an animal removal company to remove the squirrels for you. They can trap the squirrels humanely and then let them free miles from your home. The traps are baited to lure the squirrels inside. Once inside the door closes on them trapping them. If you have a large attic, the animal removal company will likely use more than one trap at a time if they think you have more than one squirrel. Install some bright lights in the attic and keep them on during the nighttime. This will give them an incentive to leave the attic. 

Once the squirrels are out of your home you need to determine the damage they caused and make needed repairs. You can then determine how the squirrels got into the attic. The squirrels can get into an attic in a variety of ways. For example, they can crawl through roof vents, ventilation fan openings, and attic louvers. 

Make sure your gutters do not get clogged. If so, and they stay clogged, water will back up which can damage the underlayment on the roof edge. This makes it much easier for a squirrel to chew through to gain access to your attic. 

The animal removal company that you hire can give you many tips on preventing squirrels from coming back into your attic again.