3 Benefits Of Having Your Crawl Space Encapsulated

Your crawl space may not be somewhere that you frequent often, but it may be one that pests use all the time. They could be using it as an underground passageway to get to other parts of your home and go completely undetected because you aren't ever in there. If you have a crawl space, you should have your crawl space encapsulated. Read on for a few of the benefits of having your crawl space encapsulated.

1. Less Pests

If you have your crawl space encapsulated, it's protected against pests coming into your home from the ground beneath, or through your foundation walls. Encapsulating your crawl space helps protect this area that would typically just be a dirt floor. A lot of pests can tunnel their way into your home from the ground beneath, without you even realizing they are there. If you have a problem with certain pests each year, there's a good chance they are coming in through your crawl space, and protecting this space can prevent them from invading your home as they normally would.

2. Cleaner Space

Your crawl space is most likely an unused space beneath your home. It has a purpose, but it isn't for storing belongings or doing much else other than being a space below your home. With the crawl space encapsulated, it can be a useful space to store your belongings, as it will be clean. This doesn't mean you should overload it with stuff, but it will allow you to have usable space in your crawl space without fear of pests.

3. Dry Space

Encapsulating your space will also ensure that your crawl space is dry. It helps protect against rain and other types of moisture that could come in otherwise. A wet crawl space is a great area for pests, as some pests are looking for a water source, or they prefer moisture, such as rodents, ants, termites, and silverfish. Keeping the crawl space dry can help protect against these pests, in addition to mold and mildew, and odors that can be produced from either of these.

If you have a wet crawl space, or you've had pest problems in your crawl space or the rest of your home, you could greatly benefit from having your crawl space encapsulated. Call a pest control company to ask about crawl space encapsulation today and reap the benefits of having this done to your home.