3 Signs Of Bed Bugs You Should Be Aware Of

Bed bugs aren't the bugs someone typically thinks of as a house pest, but it is actually a very common pest and you should be familiar with the signs of these pests, as well as knowledge of how to get rid of them. Bed bugs aren't the type of pests you would want in your home, as they can quickly multiply and begin to take over your entire home. If you don't know the signs, you may already have them in your home. Read on for signs of bed bugs to make you more aware of these pests and to help protect your home.

1. Live Bugs

One sure sign of bed bugs is live bugs. Live bugs can be spotted on mattresses along the seams and edges, along baseboards, around/in electrical outlets and switches, as well as on the edges and undersides of furniture. Take a close look in these areas. If you spot live bed bugs in these areas, chances are pretty good that you have a problem with these pests. Whether you spot live bugs, skin sheds of these pests, or even dead bed bugs, it's still a problem that should be looked into and something will need to be done to get rid of these pests.

2. Red Bumps

If you have red bumps on your body that itch and are in a straight line, usually located on the back, stomach, buttocks, or back of the arms/legs, it could be due to bed bugs. They will bite and feed off of your blood, which will leave you with itchy welts on your body. If you have these itchy bumps that are in a straight line, take apart your bedding and look at your mattress. Take a close look at the mattress for these bugs and also look at your bedding. Wash your bedding in the hottest water and use the hottest heat setting on your dryer. Vacuum your mattress and put it in a mattress bag, then empty the contents of your vacuum into a sealed plastic bag and toss the bag into a sealed garbage can away from your home.

3. Blood Smears

Blood smears are another sign of bed bugs. If you have blood smears on walls, outlet/switches, or along baseboards, it could be due to bed bugs. They may leave trails of blood behind as they move around your home. If you spot blood smears, inspect those areas for other signs of bed bugs. 

If you have any signs of bed bugs, call a bed bug exterminator to help get rid of these pests and to help prevent them from returning.