Disarm A Band Of German Cockroaches

It can be alarming to move to a climate that is relatively humid year round to discover that you have also moved into a residence that is harboring a fleet of German cockroaches. These pests are known for their dark-banded bodies and ability to multiply quickly. So, how do you disarm this band of enemies? There are various effective pest extermination methods, but the first step is to clean your home and repair damage.

Get To The Crux Of The Problem

German cockroaches tend to hide during the daytime and come out at night. Furnishings and hard surfaces should be wiped off with a cloth that contains bleach that has been mixed with a disinfectant. Do not overlook the flooring in your home. Small crevices and cracks that are located between adjacent floorboards or tiles can provide pests with an ideal place to hide.

Use a scrub brush when applying the bleach and disinfectant mixture. If any of the flooring hasn't been treated with a sealer, avoid applying bleach to it because it may strip the color of the floor. Investigate the walls, windows, doors, and baseboards. If any areas are cracked or contain holes, a caulk or weatherstripping product should be applied.

If moisture has accumulated in your home due to leaking pipes or a faulty air conditioning system, seek professional assistance with having the issues remedied.

Drop The Bomb Or Administer A Deadly Spray

Cleaning alone will not eliminate the roaches, but it will assist with making your home less desirable to the German cockroaches. You are going to have to use a potent product to eradicate all of the roaches in one swoop. Both bug bombs and sprays are capable of killing roaches.

Bombs will administer a fog-like substance that will seep into the far corners of each room. This type of product takes the guesswork out of determining where the roaches are hiding. If you choose to use a spray, things may get a little messy. Any items that are loose inside of the areas being treated should be packed up and moved into a garage or basement until you have finished treating the roaches.

Since bombs and sprays contain chemicals that should not be ingested and both emit scents that are potent, plan on leaving your home soon after either product is administered. A bomb should be set in the middle of each room that is being treated. A chair or table can be used to elevate the bottle that the substance is in so that when the spray is emitted, it will be released toward the top of each room.

If you plan on using a spray, be prepared to cover all of the infested areas swiftly. Afterward, leave your home for several hours. When you return, air out your residence and clean up the dead roaches.