Flea Fights: Tips For Fighting Flea Infestations In Your Home

If you have household pets, you've probably experienced problems with fleas in the past. If your pet has developed a flea infestation recently, you might be looking at your options for treating the house and your pet. While flea dips, collars and similar treatments can be effective for your pet, they aren't likely to be long-term solutions unless you get rid of the fleas hiding in the house, too. Here are a few toxin-free options for getting rid of the fleas in the house.

Vacuuming is a great solution, but only if the vacuum is bagged. The vacuum will draw the fleas out of the carpet fibers and the upholstery, but if you're using a canister vacuum, you're likely to reintroduce them to the house as soon as you remove the canister to empty it. Opt for a bagged vacuum so you can tape the bag closed and seal it in a trash bag to keep the fleas from getting loose.

Diatomaceous earth is an effective treatment for fleas. It's a natural product, and it's completely safe even if you have kids in the house. When sprinkled in areas where it comes in contact with fleas, diatomaceous earth will destroy the flea's exoskeleton. Although it is safe to use around animals and kids, you'll want to be sure the area is vented well, such as with an open window or two, when you scatter it. The dust from it can irritate your lungs a little bit if you inhale it. Leave it on the carpet for a couple of days, then follow up with a bagged vacuum.

Boric acid is another great treatment because it also kills flea larvae. That reduces the number of treatments you need to combat newly hatched fleas. Like diatomaceous earth, it's safe to sprinkle on the carpets around kids and pets. Apply it to the carpet evenly, then brush the carpet fibers with a stiff brush to work it down through the fibers. This helps to reach the larvae below the carpet surface. After a couple of days, vacuum thoroughly and dispose of the vacuum bag carefully.

These are just a few common methods for eliminating fleas in your house. If you've tried all of these non-toxic options and you need more aggressive treatment, talk with a local pest control company. Pest control companies like Eagle Pest Eliminators have many different treatment options, ranging from natural pesticides to flea bombs that will saturate your home.