How To Keep Raccoons From Invading Your Home

Raccoons may look adorable with their little black masks and striped tails, but don't let those cute faces fool you. They'll tear through your trash, make their way into your house and cause quite a bit of damage if you let them. There are things you can do to raccoon-proof your house and yard to keep those adorable critters from making your home their home. See below for helpful tips to keep these pests out.

Raccoon Prevention Tips

  • Trim Trees. Cut back tree branches that hang low over your house. These low-hanging branches are a great way for raccoons to get onto your home. Also trim back other brush and landscaping away from your house, such as vines or ivy.
  • Cap Your Chimney. If you have a fireplace with a chimney, you need to be sure to check the chimney cap for damage. Raccoons will find their way into your chimney and make a new little home for themselves. Repair or replace your chimney cap with a new one if there is damage. If you happen to hear scratching in your chimney, you most likely already have a little masked invader. If this is the case, contact a pest control specialist for help.
  • Block Entryways. Block outside entry points such as outside crawl spaces that a raccoon could easily get into. Use mesh hardware cloth to block these entrances and secure it with nails.
  • Secure Garbage Cans. Keep lids on garbage cans and try to make them as inaccessible as possible. Keep them in a small garbage shed to help deter the raccoons, and keep the area clean.
  • Protect Your Gardens. A garden is like a buffet for raccoons and other animals, especially if you have it open and easily accessible. Keep a fence around your garden, or use netting to help protect it from pests. 

Have An Invasion? Tips To Remove Raccoons Naturally

If you already have raccoons in your attic, garage or elsewhere, you can get rid of them by using flashing lights and noise. They will eventually leave your home and go somewhere else. You can also use scents to keep them away. Use ammonia and mothballs to help get rid of raccoons. You can also try pepper along with cinnamon, sprinkle the mixture around your yard. Or try jalapeno peppers mixed with water and cayenne pepper boiled and then placed into a spray bottle. Spray cotton balls and place them in your attic, garage or crawl space to help evict your new roommates.

If you have a raccoon invasion and cannot keep them away, it's best to contact a pest control specialist for help. A specialist can help find entry points that these critters may be using that you may not have seen or noticed and can trap the pests to keep them from coming back.