Birds As Pests: Three Reasons To Remove Pest Birds From Your Property

Robins, bluebirds and cardinals are all beautiful, welcome additions to your trees, but what happens when invasive pest birds decide to call your trees home? Pigeons, starlings, geese, sparrows and woodpeckers can all cause serious headaches if they decide to invade your property. Here are three reasons to consider calling a pest control company to handle your feathery plague.

Too Much Noise

While the gentle song of birds chirping in the morning sounds like a sweet way to greet each day, pest birds are anything but pleasing to the ears. As more and more birds flock to your property, the noise level can become deafening. As these birds begin to nest, you will hear their noises throughout the day, which can become increasingly irritating over time. In addition, the invading birds can scare off the smaller singing birds.

Property Damage

Birds don't just nest in trees. With an invading bird species, you will likely find nests in your gutters, eves and anywhere else the birds can find a place to build a home. The nests can block the water drainage system for your home, which can result in a damaged, leaky roof. Some birds may try to peck at your home's shingles and siding in the hunt for insects, which causes damage to the outside of your home. If a bird spots an open attic window, it is possible that the bird will build a nest inside your home where it is warm.

Sanitation Issues

With birds come bird droppings. When your property is overrun with these pests, you'll find droppings on your vehicle, your outdoor furniture and on outdoor children's toys. This can lead to unsanitary conditions that might bring diseases to your family. Some diseases that birds can spread include avian tuberculosis, histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis. Each of these diseases cause respiratory issues, which is a particular concern for people living with small children, the elderly or a person with a weakened immune system. Talk to your pest control expert about cleanup after the bird invasion is contained to ensure the health of your family.

Keep pest birds out of your gutters and trees by contacting a pest control company like Fowler Pest Control. The experts will know how to safely remove nests and how to prevent future invasions. Certain measures, such as bird-proof netting or spikes, can be added to your home now to prevent an infestation, keeping your property free from loud, feathered nuisances.