Protect Your Garden From Pests

Animals can quickly destroy the garden you have worked so hard to grow. You want to do what you can to make sure you keep pests out of your garden so it can flourish. There are many deterrents you can use for larger pests like deer, raccoons, rabbits and even skunks. It is important for you to learn how to choose the right type of deterrent so you can successfully get rid of pests.

Install fencing

The height of fence you go with depends on the types of critters you are trying to keep from your garden. Skunks and rabbits will be deterred by a relatively low fence, but they can dig under it if you don't have it installed to go at least a few inches down in the dirt. For deer, you will need to install a short fence a few feet outside a taller fence so they can't jump it.

A fence will work much better to protect your garden if it also hinders the animal's ability to see what's inside. When an animal is able to see all the delicious things you have growing, it is harder for them to resist, and they will be determined to get over, under or through your barrier. For this reason, solid wood fences are a good choice. You can also go with a chain link fence if you take the extra steps to install fence weave through it to add a visual barrier.

Install motion sensor deterrents

Use motion sensor lights and sprinklers to scare off pests. Any time a pest large enough to trigger the motion sensor moves in front of it, the lights or sprinklers will turn on. You will be able to turn them off at the power source so you can still easily access your garden.

Add repellents in your garden

There are some repellents that do a good job of scaring off most pests. This allows you to use one method to scare off a variety of pests you are having issues with. A few examples of these types of deterrents include human hair, predator urine deterrents and thorny bushes planted along the outside of the garden.

If you aren't having much luck keeping the pests from your garden on your own, you should call out an animal removal company. They will come out and take care of the problem for you so you can get back to fully enjoying your garden.

For more information, contact C.H. Animal Control or a similar company.