Preventing And Removing Bed Bugs From Taking Up Residence In Your Home

Bed bugs are agonizing pests that feed off your blood after hopping from hiding spaces at night. They do take cover in hidden areas of your bed. They like your bed because you are their source of nutrition. You can remove bed bugs from your home by using methods of prevention and bed bug treatments that will kill them.

Preventing Their Numbers from Increasing

You can prevent bed bugs from increasing their numbers in your home and thereby control their breeding practices. Do that by eliminating them with both chemical and nonchemical products. Their egg production in your home decreases when you keep decreasing their numbers.

Stop Them From Hitchhiking In Your Home

If there is ever an insect that spends a lot of time hitchhiking, then bed bugs have mastered the art of getting about. Since your mattresses and box spring are favorite hosts for these pests, you are best served by using a protective cover on both of these objects.

Environmental Protection Agency Advice

The environmental protection agency (EPA) highly recommends the use of light-colored covers on your mattress and box spring in order to recognize the tiny creatures. The EPA also advises that you should regularly check the covers for any holes that may have developed on them.

Getting Rid of Cluttered Areas and Vacuum Frequently

Cluttered areas of your home are natural hosts for bed bugs. They hide in those areas and then crawl out at night to draw your blood. Frequently vacuum your entire home to trap bugs that may be jumping from one area or to another. Place the vacuum bag into another trash bag. Place that bag outside away from your home until you can dispose of it.

Removing The Confounded Bed Bugs

Once you discover a bed bug infestation in your bed, clear off all the bedding and search for signs of the insects. It is a time-consuming effort, but you must also remove the dust cover that covers the bottom of the box springs. You then have to closely examine wood framing seams around the box spring, says

The website recommends that you peel back fabric that is stapled to the wood frame. Bugs are known to hide in that area.  Remember also that anything in the area of infestation serves as hosts for bed bugs. So look about on your night tables or search books on the tables. Even your radio and telephone are at risk for hosting these bugs. Place your bed slippers in zippered plastic bags at night.

Arm yourself prior to conducting this activity so that you will have a safe and handy treatment to annihilate any bugs you may come across during the search. Short of checking and removing the bugs yourself, you can hire a professional pest control technician to handle this job for you.