3 Of The Biggest Misconceptions Concerning At-Home Bed Bug Treatment

If there is one pest that can give you a nervous feeling when you crawl into bed at night, it is bed bugs. These biting critters may not be harmful, but their bites can sure be a nuisance, and they can reproduce at such a rapid rate you can have an infestation on your hands in no time. When you discover that you have bed bugs, your first inclination will likely be to take matters into your own hands and skip professional pest control. Here are three of the biggest misconceptions people have about at-home bed bug treatment.

Misconception: Store-bought sprays are just as good as what an exterminator will use.

Fact: The majority of the bed bug sprays and treatments you find in stores will be those containing diatomaceous earth, which causes the insects to dehydrate. It is true that some pest control agents use diatomaceous earth products also, but they also have access to highly-potent insecticides that you cannot go out and buy without an industry license.

Misconception: If you get rid of your mattress, you get rid of the problem.

Fact: This is perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions people have about getting rid of bed bugs. Sure, throwing your mattress and box springs out will likely get rid of a lot of the bugs, as this is commonly where they nest. However, the bugs can also burrow themselves into the wood of your bed, hide out in the carpet on your floor, and even live under the pictures that you have on the walls.

Misconception: Bed bugs can be contained to one room for treatment.

Fact: If you call in a professional pest control agent for help with bed bugs, you will notice that they treat the entire home, not just the room where the bugs were found. This is because it is highly unlikely that the bugs are only located in one room of your home. If you try to tackle a do-it-yourself exterminating job in one room, the bugs will often just scatter to the rest of the house looking for a safe place to be. Furthermore, bed bugs can and will travel throughout the house looking for hiding places and food sources.

Whether you have spotted just a few bed bugs or know you have an infestation on your hands, professional pest control like The Bug Man is always the best way to go in order to get these things out of your home. Believing these common misconceptions could easily lead you to a problem that is much bigger and much more difficult to get rid rid of in the long run.