There’s A Bug In My Bed! 4 Steps To Take When You Find Bed Bugs

If your child brought bed bugs home from a recent sleepover, you’ll need to act fast to get the infestation under control. Beg bugs breed fast and spread fast. You might think that you only have one bed bug, but that’s not counting the hundreds that could be hiding inside your mattresses, carpeting or clothing. To get rid of the bugs, you’re going to need to attack the problem from several different angles. Here are four crucial steps you should take as soon as you find a bed bug in your home.

Vacuum Each Room

To start attacking the problem, you should vacuum each room in your home. Begin by vacuuming along the edges of the baseboards. These are the areas where most floor-bound bugs will be hiding. Once you’ve vacuumed along the edges, move towards the center of the room. Be sure to empty the dirt canister, or change the vacuum bag, before moving on to the next room. This will ensure that you’re not taking bugs with you as you clean. While you’re vacuuming, it’s important that you also vacuum your mattresses, as well as any upholstered furniture that you might have.

Wash and Dry Your Clothing

The next thing you’ll need to do is wash and dry your clothing. This is an important step, especially if you have clothing on the floor or in laundry baskets near the beds. Wash and dry your clothing on the hottest cycle possible. Be sure your clothing is thoroughly dry before removing it from the dryer. If you have clothing that absolutely can’t be washed or dried on hot, take them to the dry cleaners. The solvent will kill any bugs that are lingering in the fibers.

Avoid Room Swapping

If you find bed bugs, avoid the temptation to room swap – switch to another room that might not have bugs. This will only serve to move bugs throughout your house, especially if the bugs hitch a ride on your clothing or bedding. If you find bugs on your bed, encase your mattress in a cover until you can get professional assistance with the problem.

Call an Exterminator

Calling the exterminator is the final step in eradicating your bed bug problem. Over-the-counter sprays may kill a few of the bugs, but they won’t take care of the bugs and eggs that could be hiding throughout your home. Your exterminator will be able to get rid of the bugs and provide you with service to keep them away permanently.

If you’ve got bed bugs, you’ve got to get the problem under control as quickly as possible. Use the tips provided here to get rid of the bugs.  Contact a company like Tri-County Termite & Pest Control, Inc. for more info.